Christmas Markets 2018

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Christmas is almost here!


For those of you following my personal adventure through life, you would know that I've recently moved about 4 hours away from my home town; to a city called Albany.

Being a part of the community down here is very important to me and everyone has been extremely supportive. That is why this year I've decided to join the Denmark Christmas Markets (Albany's neighbouring city). A reasonably small Christmas Market held for one day only, but it attracts thousands of people in just a short few hours!

If you're a W.Australian local, take the trip down to Denmark this weekend and say hey! The drive is incredible and the views along the way are breath taking, not to mention you'll be driving through the heart of wine, cheese and nougat country!

Assuming previous market numbers, there is a good chance a lot of the original collection will sell out this Saturday 08th December 2018. Once they're gone, they're gone!


See you in the next one!

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