Fraud Prevention Tips and Tricks

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Basic fraud prevention tips and tricks

The blogs are back with something very important today, which I believe will help a lot of you! Fun fact, recently I discovered many of the WHY Watches family are fellow entrepreneurs with stores all over the web!

Before I drive right on into this one, the pictures throughout this blog are thanks to a good friend from Norway, Carl Van Den Boom, founder of Valleret Photography Gloves. This isn't a plug, just one entrepreneur recognising another's great work and appreciation for sending some incredible photos from NORWAY!

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Fraud Prevention Tip ONE:

- If Shopify flags it as fraudulent, chances are it is. Refund it!

Fraud Prevention Tip TWO:

- Multiple cards used, or same address different name? Refund it!

Fraud Prevention Tip THREE:

- Shipping name doesn't match payment method name? Request photo ID (24 hours no reply? Refund it!)

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Loved any of the watches pictured? Simply click the picture!

See you in the next one!

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