Grasping Every Opportunity

WHY Watches Blog 07 Grasping every opportunity

Starting a business isn't for everyone, yet everyone wants to do it. So I ask, why do you want too?

Over the years, I have found that starting, and running a business is hard work. You end up working around the clock. You don't have a day off, and if you decide you 'deserve' one, your business suffers.

So why do I do it? Simply put, this is what I live for. I feed off the creative energy that comes with running a business, I am motivated by the 3am email notifications and I am inspired by your feedback. You see, running a business for me is everything. It isn't about the financial reward, nor the supposed freedom that comes with it, it about building something from nothing.

I believe every challenge that presents itself in life is a potential business opportunity. So if something presents itself to you and you truly believe you have the capabilities to challenge the status quo, to do better than those already in the game, then do it and don't look back.

Stay tuned, after all, life's just getting interesting.

David Tomic

David Tomic founder of WHY Watches


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