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Every now and again we partner with local Influencer's doing amazing things!

Meet Will.

What does it take to go from an influencer to being featured on a company's main website? Proving that you're willing to go over and above!

We recently partner with Will Bruinsma for a 2x post partnership, instead we got almost a dozen photos! Now that's commitment. Let's check out some of his amazing work.

will bruinsma | WHY Watches

Photo: Will Bruinsma, featuring All Black Mesh

will bruinsma | why watches


These are just a couple of his amazing shots that show pure pride and joy in wearing one of our watches. If you're wondering how did we find Will? Well the answer isn't simple at all..

Before we contact any potential influencer we dive deep into their Instagram feed, making sure their engagement rate is high, ensuing their friends are commenting and showing genuine interest in their content. We then cross reference this data with our analytics software before ever speaking one word. Will stood out not only for his amazing content but also the fact he is a Marketing Student. As ex-students ourselves, we know how hard it is to break through in the industry. 

From all of us here at WHY Watches, we wish you the absolute best in the future and look forward to working with you again Will!


Stay tuned, after all, life's just getting interesting.

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