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WHY Watches Kickstarter Campaign 2018

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A few days ago, I launched the new collection on Kickstarter and it has gone off! You just have backed what you asked for and I couldn't be more grateful. Yes it is a mini-launch and yes I do feel like a bit bad for doing the A-B, A-A-B marketing strategy, but you asked for the leather straps to be an option for the midnight collection and you have proved you really do! 
If you haven't checked out the WHY Watches Kickstarter Campaign be sure to click the link below and save BIG on a brand new midnight collection. 

Campaign link:

Before I sign off for the week, I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for your support. Without you none of this is possible. Its the pictures you post on Instagram when your watch arrives, its the reviews you leave after purchasing a new watch, its the people you talk to in the streets that compliment your watch, its all you. So thank you so much. 


Stay tuned, after all, life's just getting interesting.

David Tomic

David Tomic founder of WHY Watches


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