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What happens behind the scenes that nobody sees? What kind of equipment does it take to make a small feature production? Well you're about to find out. 

Like I've spoken about before on this blog, I am looking to launch something new and exciting for you guys, something that you have requested multiple times over the past few months since the launch of the Midnight Collection. But in today's day and age, you can't just launch something and expect people to flock to your website, let alone buy a product!

Over the past two weeks I have been creating a small feature film. It is only about 1 minute long but will accompany the launch; similar to the original Kickstarter launch video. It has unfortunately been delayed by a few more days because I have lost my voice over the weekend and since I am narrating the video, its kind of hard to finish. 


So what does it take to create a product launch video?
Nothing really, you can do it with your phone and some free software off the internet.
However, I don't believe in creating anything to a minimum standard, therefore I've been investing heavily into production equipment and camera gear over the past few months to be able to produce the best quality video I can.

For simplicity sake, everything I have used to create this up-coming video I've listed below. They are linked to Amazon Australia so you can basically compare and find everything there. 

I hope this helps any content creators and ecom business owners out there looking to get into video content for their business!
Camera - Canon 6D:
Canon 24 - 105mm:
Canon 17 - 40mm:
Zhiyun Crane 2:
DJI Mavic Air:
Mini Tripod:
Travel bag:
Ring Light:


Stay tuned, life's just getting interesting.

David Tomic

David Tomic founder of WHY Watches


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