Record Breaking Black Friday

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Record Breaking Black Friday Sales


If you thought running a Black Friday/Cyber Monday campaign was easy, just post a couple pictures and you'll get heaps of people running to your website to buy everything, you'd be SO WRONG!



Black Friday is the biggest day of the year for all retailers, it usually means making a few months income in 1 day; it means hundreds if not thousands of customers per minute clicking on your website and clearing your stock before you even get a chance to count it properly, that is if you do it right. If you don't do it right, it means sitting looking at your website and thinking what happened?



I've now been running WHY Watches for over 3 years and have experienced both the good and the bad. The first year we ran Black Friday we marketed like crazy because we we're a new brand and people wanted to know about us, it went okay because we we're fresh to the market but that was our shortfall at the same time. The second year we market heavily but only on the day, we didn't really involve our community and get them excited about Black Friday, we thought a surprise was best. What we found was that people disregarded the ads and didn't even click on the website unless they really wanted one of our watches. This year we changed things up a bit, took advice from the industry leaders and took Black Friday to a whole new level. We started marketing weeks before, sending sneak peek emails to our community and engaging them in what was about to happen. This resulted in a bubble of excitement that exploded on Black Friday; breaking all company records and expectations. Before lunchtime we had sold out of 4x watch models and had to physically go back to the warehouse to re-count and perform stock-takes for customers begging to purchase items that had gone out of stock hours after launching. Luckily for them we had a couple items left over that weren't counted during stock-take and we able to please everyone. Unluck for us, we had to recount everything. 



In order to make this as successful as it was, in my honest opinion, it meant re-learning social media platforms and algorithms to make sure all our posts were seen, heard and shared as much as possible. Unlike other years we hardly paid for any ads, we predominately targeted those of you who already loved us, who have already supported us for years, instead of trying to find new people that have never heard of us before and it proved to be the best Black Friday we've ever had.

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you all for showing your love and support to us. This brand has become something worth knowing about, worth representing and worth losing sleep over. 



Until next time!




Stay tuned, after all, life's just getting interesting.

David Tomic

David Tomic founder of WHY Watches


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