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Kickstarter has gone off with a BANG!


Firstly, thank you to everyone who has supported the Kickstarter campaign from day one. In the first few days it double the required goal and thankfully has stayed well above the goal since.

Secondly, everyone who reads these little blogs (which I am looking to expand more and more in the near future, with more details, more pictures and a better structure) I haven't forgotten about you. Hidden amongst all the other text, I am giving you a secret discount code, capitalise the last word of this paragraph and use it as your discount code on any purchase store wide, explore.

Not only has the Kickstarter collection done exceptionally well, you guys have also supported the original and midnight collection this whole time. So much so that we have almost sold out of our 3rd strap colour! Navy blue now only has 5 bands left in stock as I write this blog. If you've had your eye on it, hurry before stock runs out.
Your support has been very much appreciated over the past few months, as a result the future of WHY Watches is becoming clear. Your suggestion is always welcome, so be sure to drop a comment below if you'd like to see something different or unique. 

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Stay tuned, after all, life's just getting interesting.

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