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Ever wondered who runs WHY Watches? Takes all the pictures, sends out all the orders? Or even how WHY Watches started?

Hi! My name is David Tomic, a Masters of Architecture graduate from Curtin University.

During a trip to Europe with my cousin, Stefan Tomic, I aspired to purchase a new watch in every city we visited. Twelve cities, one watch...poor effort, right? Long story short, I wasn’t able to find what I wanted (options) at a fair price (cheap). So once we returned to Perth, I discovered that everything I’d learnt at university could be applied to watch design, with an architectural twist. Eleven months and hundreds of samples later, I’d found a supplier and finalised a design, launching WHY Watches on the 12th of November 2016.

Everything else, well it’s all thanks to you. All the feedback from customers over the years lead to the developments and success of the Midnight Collection. All the purchases dictated the Social Media content and all the love and support resulted in every order being personally packaged and shipped out by yours truly.

Now that WHY Watches has a new home in Albany, all the university assignments and exams are over, it’s time to get a bit more involved and personal with you guys. I hope you’ve enjoyed the journey so far, and I look forward to sharing this next chapter with all of you.


Stay tuned, after all, life's just getting interesting.

David Tomic

David Tomic founder of WHY Watches


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